“Look at all the happy creatures dancing on the lawn.”- Creedence Clearwater Revival, Looking Out My Back Door

Story By Autumn Walden

Everything in nature has a cause and effect—especially in the case of the 4th Annual Jammin’ for the Animals music festival. For two days, the peaceful camping grounds of Blue Falls Grove hosted humans and animals alike while the music played on through the night.

The Cause: Todd Jones created Jammin’ for the Animals in memory of his brother, Bobby Jones, who loved animals and supported the Humane Society of Berks County.

The Effect: Lovers of music, animals, and humanity come together, not only to enjoy each other’s company, but also to help raise money in support of those same things.

Friday’s lineup  included DJ Kosmic KatMantisJimkataQuagmire Swim Team, and One Shot Nicky. I made it over on Saturday to catch most of the day, including John BeacherWallace Brothers BandCitizens Band RadioBret MosleyKlyph Black & Rumor Has It, and The Greatest Funeral Ever. Unfortunately, I missed Nick Gianni’s Evolution.

I came just in time to hear the Wallace Brothers Band on the main stage. I also met John Beacher and caught him tuning up for his second set on the side stage. He played songs like “Betty Lee” and “Rise Up”, while ending with Otis Redding’s “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”. I only wish I’d been there to hear him sing “Love”—one of my favorites from his self-titled album.

While John Beacher was playing, a band from New Jersey, Citizens Band Radio, was setting up and, boy, did they set the main stage on fire! Their music is Southern rock-styled—think Creedence Clearwater Revival meets Lynryd Skynyrd, loaded into a .38 Special. I couldn’t keep my body from dancing—I started with my cowboy boots on, then ended barefoot and satisfied.

Bret Mosley played two sets on the side stage and played a lovely cover of Prince’s “I Would Die For You” which may be featured in an upcoming movie which tells his tale of a wild love affair. Klyph Black and Rumor Has It rocked the main stage with a sound that reminded me of the Rolling Stones. Then, The Greatest Funeral Evening eased us into a funky thunderstorm that cleansed our souls and got everyone ready to welcome the night.

The scene was a pleasant mix of dogs, children, artists, hoop dancers, acrobats, and more. Vendors were lined up to offer yoga, tattoos, LED hoops, clothing, jewelry, food, and a smiling face.

And while I learned that Jim Stilianos or “Jimmy the Freak” is impervious to mousetraps, fire, swords, nails, and bear traps, no animals were harmed during the Freak Show. I’m still reliving last year’s event and I can’t wait until next year’s festival! Check out the full photo gallery below.