Cheerleader | Photo by Megan Matuzak

Cheerleader | Photo by Megan Matuzak

The buzz just keeps rolling in for Philadelphia’s Cheerleader. On Friday, the band crowded the 104.5 Live at 5 stage two perform two songs: an original song and a cover.

On June 16th Cheerleader released a two song EP, featuring “Where, Where” and “Perfect Vision”. The band chose “Perfect Vision” for their original song to play Friday evening and chose Lorde’s “Team” as their cover.  Cheerleader put a new spin on “Team”, letting the guitars drive the melody and Joe Haller’s voice give Lorde a run for her money.

TSI caught up with Cheerleader after their Live at 5 performance and asked the band of 5, 5 questions.

Q: You guys are probably going to hate me for this question, but if you had a cheer what would it be?

Paul Impellizeri: Boom Boom!

Chris Duran: Joe do you want to?

Joe Haller: No I don’t.

Josh Pannepacker: Something that goes on your head. We are cheering about hats.

JH: Bowling hats…I’m sorry we don’t have a cheer.

JP: We don’t like to bowl.

Q: I do but I won’t take it personally. At Live at 5 the band plays one of their own songs and a cover. Today you chose to play “Team” by Lorde. Why did you pick it, past its obvious implications?

JH: I think we picked “Team”…I sort of thought it was a really good song and really catchy. The arrangement is really strong on it’s own but it’s kind of sparse so we could do something really different with it. So that’s why we chose it, ‘cause it would be really fun to go at it from a different angle.

Q: You guys also played “Perfect Vision”, which was just dropped on June 16th. How is “Perfect Vision” and “Waiting, Waiting” a snapshot of the full length to come?

 JH: I think people have heard some of our other stuff too like “New Days” and “Dreamer” and “Do What You Want” are all songs that have been online for a while. “Perfect Vision”, we thought, a good bridge between those songs and the song you will hear on the rest of the records.

 CD: Somewhere in the middle.

 JH: Yeah somewhere in the middle. I think all the songs are pretty summery and anthemic or something. But yeah, it’s pretty representative….thank you.

Cheerleader | Photo by Megan Matuzak

Cheerleader | Photo by Megan Matuzak

Q: What would you say is the most validating part about moving here to Philadelphia?

JP: Meeting us of course.

JH: I was justing going to say. When Chris and I moved here from Connecticut and we didn’t have a band, the most rewarding thing for us was meeting Josh and Kyle and Paul ‘cause they really complete us. I feel like we are one now and we can finish eachothers sandwiches and stuff.

Q: This only goes to the out of towners, what are some of your favorite bands that you guys have come across, played with or heard about in Philly?

JH: We played at Boot and Saddle a couple weeks ago, I think it was a couple weeks ago, we played with this band Langar and they were awesome. Really cool stage presence and great songwriting. I think that was one of my favorite bands we have played with here. We played with Dream Safari that night too and they were really cool as well.

CD: We saw The Districts at Rachael Ray’s thing.

JH: The Districts are super awesome. We saw them when we were down at SXSW. They played the same showcase as us at Rachael Ray’s Feedback House. They’re obviously just incredible musicians and destined to do great things.