TSI’s Chris Zurich was able to catchup with Father John Misty for a few quick questions at Utopia Fest a couple weekends ago. Here’s the skinny:

Chris Zurich: I saw you play at Union Transfer about a year ago in Philly and you played with a full band. What was your reason for playing solo tonight?

Father John Misty: Just logistics. I was just out in LA rehearsing with the band and I forgot I had this engagement.

CZ: Is that where you live?

FJM: No. I live in New Orleans, but I rehearse with the band out in LA.

CZ: What’s your relationship with the Fleet Foxes at this point?

FJM: I’m still friends with those guys and it was a little complicated when I left, but we’re on good terms.

CZ: So you don’t have any misgivings about leaving?

FJM: No. I love playing my own song. I stopped playing with them about 2 years ago, but we’re all still on good terms.

CZ: I think of your music as very melodic, but also quite lyrical, as well. What’s your songwriting process? Lyrics or melody first?

FJM: Hmmm…….I usually have a line that gets stuck in my head and it’s the only one that doesn’t make me want to puke. So, I’ll work around that one and stare off into the void for a month while I work on that.