Garage-grunge alt-blues quartet stickybackplastics are giving away their new EP ‘Reptile Smile‘ for free download. The free EP will be available until 23 May, to coincide with drummer Dom Smith’s birthday!!

Download and share: https://soundcloud.com/stickybackplasticsband/sets/reptile-smile

In March stickybackplastics shared the free download single ‘Psycho Dreamer‘ which is featured on the EP and comes with a bonus remix by Tim Muddiman (Gary Numan / PWEI) – link here.

Reptile Smile‘ sees York-based stickybackplastics settle into an unusually-grungy Americana vibe, with this assertive follow-up to their 2014 self-titled debut. ‘Psycho Dreamer’ is a real dichotomy of a track: opening gently with an awesome bass groove and an authentic tape-recorded feel, before morphing into a disjointed psychedelic alt-blues masterpiece that wouldn’t be out of place on a David Lynch soundtrack.

Continuing this throughout the outstanding record, closing track ‘Sick Man‘ sees stickybackplastics toy with swirling bluesy riffs amid an air of stripped-down retro doom.

Of the EP, guitarist Roz Walker says: “Most of these new tracks examine the duality of human nature – hence the title, ‘Reptile Smile’ – and this idea that people can show themselves to be really positive or comforting on the outside, but inside their minds, sometimes they are trying to control you and use you for their own benefit. For us, this EP examines people…or demons in our lives that have had a similar effect on us, and exorcises them.”

Taking inspiration from influences such as Garbage, Portishead and PJ Harvey, stickybackplastics have big plans for 2015: more shows, and a third EP will come at towards the end of the year.