The temperatures outside may have dipped recently, and we may have lost a bit of sunlight. The earth may be going into its seasonal hibernation, but the spirits of those under the musical influence of Papadosio are alive and well after a great night of music from the Ohio boys. This midwest based jam band continues to make a name for themselves on the touring circuit, and the packed The Trocadero this past Saturday night is evidence enough of this. You can see some excerpts of the set list below, a mix of some older tunes, along with some tracks off of their newest T.E.T.I.O.S.


I love a good jam band. However, it can be quite easy for a band that focuses on improvisational, melodic, instrumentals to sometimes get a little spacey, losing the attention and energy of the audience, at least the sober members of the audience. That being said, Papadosio is not one of those bands. Papadosio keeps it tight, and keeps their music progressing, often building over several minutes, getting the crowd moving ever so slightly faster over the course of the song, before finishing with harder riffs, while keeping the entire song up beat.

Papadosio has been a staple at music festivals like All Good in their native Ohio, festivals with eclectic music and the most positive vibes around. Saturday night was no different.

If you missed it, don’t panic. They’re coming back to Baltimore for a two night New Year’s Eve run, so don’t make the same mistake twice!

Tracks played:



“Planting the Seeds of Life”

“All I knew”