TSI is now “Your Local AGGREGATED Music News Source”

As of November 2015 there’s been BIG changes for tristateindie.com. From the start, Stephanie and Rich (TSI Co-Founders) originally built tristateindie.com to be a community resource driven by the community. Since 2011, the website division of the Tri State Indie brand has been choc-full of amazing content from contributors in the community who have a passion for the local and regional independent music scene. However, over time the founders have had other opportunities and successes thrown there way, and just don’t have enough time to dedicate to the daily curation, editorial, and admin time that goes into keeping tristatiendie.com up to its fullest potential.

With that in mind TSI has launched a new tristateindie.com that serves the community as aggregate of other music blog posts. Now you can visit tristateindie.com to get an overall view of what some of our local friends are writing about, click for a short snippet of the post, and continue onto the original blogs website for the full article!

This new version of tristateindie.com will continue to grow with time by adding even more local blogs to the mix! For now, it’s in beta testing with a few local blogs (that we’ve had the longest relationship with) to test the waters and make sure all ducks are in a row before pounding you will TONS of local content!

Keep your eye out for more news to come in the coming weeks!