Artist: Melvins

Album: The Bride Screamed Murder

Release Date: 6/1

The Melvins are one of those bands that mark significant moments in your life with album releases. Like your own taste in music, they always seem to experiment with varying sounds while sticking to the roots. Since the 90’s they’ve been on the tips of everyone’s tongue in the alternative music scene (remember when it was called that?). From their earliest work, to the most abstract experiments, the Melvins have been on top of the game, releasing albums just about once every three years. Something that’s matched by none of their counterparts from the era. Expectations are the achilles heel for the Melvins; some of their fan base wants one thing and others, another. What makes the Melvins such a dynamic band is that they surprise all of their fans and defy expectations.

06/01/10 Active Child Curtis Lane EP Filter
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06/01/10 Land of Kush’s Egyptian Light Orchestra Monogamy Constellation
06/01/10 Melvins The Bride Screamed Murder Ipecac
06/01/10 Sleepy Sun Fever ATP
06/01/10 Sleigh Bells Treats Mom + Pop
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