Their debut EP, Song of the Crippled Bull was on every metal site’s Top 10 list of 2013 and they were a band to be on the look out for in 2014. Now Black Crown Initiate are here with their debut album, The Wreckage of Stars and they show no signs of stopping their furious campaign for metal supremacy.

Hailing from Reading, PA, this brotherhood of metal dudes hit the road this past year pouring their blood, sweat, motor oil and Pabst Blue Ribbon on The Metal Alliance and The Summer Slaughter Tour before signing with E One Music. Now they have come out of the recording studio, with longer beards and all, to deliver their impressive debut album before hitting the Hell or High Wattage Tour opening for Unearth and Darkest Hour.

The opening track on Black Crown Initiate‘s The Wreckage of Stars is called, “Great Mistake” and sets the tone of the album perfectly. Opening with a melodic guitar riff before thundering double bass and chugging guitars come together while vocalists James Dorton belts out his signature death growl.


The album is full of some of the most unique and technical guitar riffs my ears have ever heard. On the track, “Malignant” a thrashy acoustic guitar riff begins the track before all hell breaks lose (in a good way). Guitarist’s Andy Thomas and Rik Stelzpflug trade back and forth shredding till I assume their fingers fall off. These two compliment each other so well on this record. When you have a pairing like this in the metal world, you are a forced to be reckon with. The solo’s in “The Human Lie Manifest” are sure to melt some faces.

The first single, “Withering Waves” showcases some the bands melodic abilities with clean vocals balancing with the death growls and acoustic guitar parts overlaying the track. Black Crown Initiate’s use of melodic parts within their songs keep listeners on their toes. They can hit you some of the heaviest breakdowns and then out of nowhere calm you down with smooth guitar parts only to tear that down with pure thunderous sounds.

The title track, “The Wreckage of Stars” showcases drummer Jesse Beahler and bassist Nick Shaw’s talents. Holding down the rhythm fort, these two rip through what seems like a jam session until the rest of the band chimes in with the heaviness heard throughout the album.

Black Crown Initiate’s debut album is the perfect blend of heaviness and melody. The progressive metal riffs and pummeling grindcore sound is nothing new to the metal scene, but they are a band who puts a fresh take on it by creating atmospheric sounds surrounded by dark melodies and brutal riffage. I look forward to them carrying the metal torch for years to come.

Their debut album “The Wreckage of Stars” is available in stores September 30th on E One Music.