Philadelphia’s DRGN KING released their full-length  album debut Paragragh Nights this month through Bar-None Records. The duo’s music consists largely of a mix of synths and dirty distorted guitar parts, creating a poppy sound at times reminiscent of Passion Pit. DRGN KING will also be playing at PhilaMOCA on February 2nd.



The tracklist for Paragraph Nights is as follows:

1. “Paragraph Nights”- A slow, ambient intro to the album. Acoustic guitar and piano creates most of the melody in this song while synthesizers provide background ambiance.

2. “Menswear”- More “rock-and-roll” than the previous song.  It’s a lot of fun with a faster pace and distorted guitars playing climaxing in a satisfying, loud chorus.

3. “Holy Ghost”- Another fun song with a pretty sweet video. Check it out:


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4. “Wild Night”- A fast-paced tune with a driving bass/synth line and well-complimenting guitar played in slow, choppy bursts. True to it’s title, a lot of fun can be had listening to this song, it’s one of the more poppy tracks on the album.

5. “Cardy Boys” slows down the pace again, with more softly strummed acoustic guitar and whispering, breathy vocals than the past 3 songs. It’s one of the more melancholy-sounding songs to be found on Paragraph Nights.

6. “Barbarians” is a pretty simple track consisting mostly of deep bass lines and vocals with electronic music more than wood-and-string instrumentation.

7. “Warriors” is medium-paced and also a pretty simple song with little more than an electronic drum beat, synths, and vocals. It’s a nice song but doesn’t leave much of an impression on the album.

8. “Altamont Sunrise” is my personal favorite on the album. It is easy to hear producer Ritz Reynolds’ hip-hop influence in the poppy, catchy-as-hell yet simple electric drum beat. Everything in this song is used in moderation in order to contribute to the song as a whole and it sounds really great as a result. It’s the most poppy song and it would likely hold the most appeal to the majority of listeners.

9. “Black Gold” is the only instrumental song on the album and isn’t bad but is another song that doesn’t leave any impression on me. It’s not particularly catchy, it just kind of exists.

10. “Caught Down” kind of falls in the middle of the dominant moods of the album. There are the slow, moody songs like “Paragraph Nights” and “Cardy Boys” and then there are the more fast, fun, pop songs like “Wild Night” and “Looking At You”. “Caught Down” is pretty quick paced but somewhat dismal in tone. It’s not bad but it’s not one of the album’s stronger tracks.

11. “Looking At You” is the final track on the album and ends it with the aforementioned pop tone of the record. It has a quick bass line and fast-paced, flowing vocal parts.

As a whole, DRGN KING’s Paragraph Nights is really well put together and produced. The mix of singer/songwriter Dominic Angelella’s more traditional approach to music and Ritz Reynolds’, who has produced music for the likes of The Roots and Mac Miller, style of music makes for a very distinct sound. Though there are some songs that I would skip over (“Barbarians”, “Caught Down”), the album was very good.

Again, check out DRGN KING live on February 2nd at PhilaMOCA.