It’s been nine years since Finch last released a studio album, multiple break ups and teasing fans with a hand full of new music but now the Southern California rockers have returned with their most complete and mature album to date.

I had the opportunity to see Finch back in March 2013 during their ten year anniversary tour for the fan favorite album “What It Is To Burn”. What was meant to be just a one off reunion tour for the fans to celebrate a beloved album together, the members of Finch saw the amount of love they were receiving at the numerous sold out shows and the cry for more from them. They heard our cries and they delivered.

The opening track, “Back To Oblivion”, explodes in typical Finch fashion with eerie guitar riffs and pounding drums before singer Nate Barcalow belts out his signature post hardcore vocals. It’s a catchy and rocking beginning to an album that signals their return.


“Anywhere But Here”, their first single, sounds more like something off of “Say Hello To Sunshine” but on a more developed and strong level. This is the first song on the album that shows Finch has stepped their game up along with their sound. Finch has grown up and so has their music.

Tracks like “Murder Me” and “Play Dead” sound on paper like heavy, in your face tracks but realistically they are the most melodic and harmonizing tracks the guys have ever created. Some Finch fans might be thrown off by those tracks, but after a few listens you will realize this is them at their finest.

Don’t worry fans, Finch have not completely abandoned their old school sound. With tracks like “Further From The Few” and “Picasso Trigger” Finch return with that fierce and savage sound that defines them. These tracks are Finch telling the world we are back and we still got it.

Rounding out the album towards the end are tracks that blend melody and atmospheric sounds that feel like a gentle ride before we hit the end of the album. The album closer, “New Wave” is the perfect close out for the album as it fades out in typical Finch fashion.

“Back To Oblivion” takes elements of their two previous albums and blends them with this new complex and mature sound that turns out the be some of their best material to date. After breaking up numerous times due to creative differences, it sounds like Finch are back and on the same page. It looks like we will be seeing and hearing more from them this time around.

“Back To Oblivion” is available in stores and online September 30th.