Words by Nicole Calascibetta

Lost in Society releases their new record Let it Sail today June 5th on Altercation Records following their split with American Pinup.

When first listening to this album I tried to narrow down the songs that had the most impact, but I found it impossible. Each and every song off of Let it Sail has the potential to be a hit, there’s simply no fluff or filler on this record.

The CD opens fire with “Guns” as the first track and follows through with their punk/alternative sound throughout the rest of the album.

It’s dark and energetic with catchy hooks in each song that will be stuck in your head long after you’ve finished listening. I’ve followed Lost in Society since their first release of Eastern Empire and it’s clear when listening to this record that these boys from Asbury Park have matured in their songwriting and cohesiveness as a group.

Although it was difficult to pick just one, the second track “Halloween Song” happens to be my favorite. Even with it’s sinister lyrics, it’s hard not to sing along and embrace the haunting melody.

The last song off the album, “Strange Chemistry” is a bit slower with a pulsing tempo that resides as another strong track.

I fully believe Let is Sail will be a hit record simply because Lost in Society sticks with their alt/punk roots and it has all the potential to go commercial. No matter what you’re into, you’ll catch yourself rocking out to this record.

To test my theory, I showed some friends who don’t normally listen to punk music to see what they thought. About an hour later one of them turned to me and admitted, “Well, whatever they did worked. Because now I can’t get it out of my head”.

Lost in Society have been on the rise since their addition to this year’s Warped Tour, but the release of Let it Sail is going to shoot them to the top.

Lost in Society will be holding their CD release show at the Asbury Lanes on June 22nd with The Scandals, Two Fisted Law and Chris Brown.

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