Already pegged as the male counterpart to Adele, Sam Smith is on the road to quick stardom at the ripe age of 22.  Smith’s lyrics speak of a heartbreak we’ve all felt and provides the vocal, crooner chops to accompany the emotion. In the Lonely Hour gives a real, honest, and refreshing sound, something that comes around and catches you by surprise.  How can you not be taken aback with chills with a performance like this…

“Stay With Me “- Live

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Sam Smith might have seemingly come out of nowhere in the last few months, but his momentum has actually been slowing building for quite some time.  Sam’s been performing since he was a child and more recently gained attention from the Disclosure song, “Latch” back in 2012.  Followed by Naughty Boy’s “La La La” last year.  But don’t let the club tunes lead you astray from his true sound.  Sam took to Saturday Night Live back in March to showcase what he is truly all about.  Providing us with “Stay With Me” (backed by a gospel choir and string section) and “Lay Me Down” (stripped down to just vocals, a cello, and keys), thus grabbing the world’s attention.

“Stay With Me” has certainly been making it’s rounds. Maybe it’s the song’s simplicity and sincerity.  Maybe it’s the relatability of wanting someone to stick around even if it’s not meant to be.  Maybe it’s the realization that Smith’s voice is one of the best out there today.  Whatever the reason, it’s brilliant.

In the Lonely Hour was written about a man Smith loved, but who did not love him in return.  This album speaks about the depths of those feelings, the feelings we can all probably relate to of not being adequate enough for the people we want the most, the darkness we can seep into when things don’t work out as planned, and trying to deal with that rejection.

I don’t think I can express how much everyone should go out and get this album.  Trust me, you’ll have it on repeat for a long time.  I know I have, and maybe my little lyrical sampling from the album will give you a better taste of what to expect…

In the Lonely Hour is now available for download HERE

Tracklisting (Deluxe Edition) & Lyrical Diary

Money On My Mind”

“Good Thing”

-“We talk maybe 20 times a day, and still I never say what I want to say.”

“Stay With Me”

“Won’t you stay with me, cos you’re all I need.  This ain’t love it’s clear to see, but darling stay with me.”

“Leave Your Lover”

-“But if I can’t have you, I’ll walk this life alone.”

“I’m Not the Only One”

  -“Your heart is unobtainable, even though, lord knows you kept mine.”

“I’ve Told You Now”

“Like I Can”

-“Why are you looking down all the wrong roads? When mine is the heart and the salt to the soul.”

“Life Support”

“Not In That Way”

-“I’d never ask you, cause deep down I know what you’d say…”

“Lay Me Down”

-“Deny this emptiness, this hole that I’m inside. These tears, they tell their own story”


-“What do you want from me, when I just want to restart.”

“Latch” (acoustic)

-“Now I’ve got you in my space, I won’t let go of you.”

La La La” (feat. Sam Smith) – Naughty Boy

“Make It To Me”

 -“My mind runs away to you”