Is this the album Weezer fans have been waiting for? A return to a sound that defined them? Have the Gods of Nerd Rock returned? These are the questions that every fan is hoping to be answered while listening to Weezer’s first new album in four years. Well it looks like those four years away from the studio has paid off and fans can finally breathe easy as Everything Will Be Alright In The End is packed full of that old Weezer sound that has been missing for years.

Fans for years have been wanting Weezer to return to their signature sound during the early 90’s that spawned classic albums like Blue Album and Pinkerton. What fans need to realize is that Rivers Cuomo and company will never be able to recreate those classic albums. Rivers wont be singing about a girl “Across The Sea”. He found that girl, married that girl and has two kids with that girl. SCORE ONE FOR THE NERDS!!! However with their new album, Weezer has stripped back down to the basics that are reminiscent of those earlier albums while combining some new flare to the ever evolving Weezer sound.



Weezer frontman – Rivers Cuomo

Bringing back producer Ric Ocasek, who last worked with them for Blue Album and Green Album, was exactly what the guys in Weezer needed. “Ain’t Got Nobody”, the first track off the album, starts off with a crunchy guitar riff and pounding drums that instantly takes you back to the early days of Weezer. The solo in the middle of the song, something that has been missing in recent albums, sounds like Rivers is finally touching on his 80’s metal roots once again.

“Back To The Shack”, the first single, is like an ode to the fans of old apologizing for past mistakes, cough “Raditude” cough, with lines like “Sorry guys I didn’t realize that I needed you so much. I thought I’d get a new audience, I forgot that disco sucks.”


Many tracks like “Eulogy For A Rock Band”, “Lonely Girl” and “Da Vinci” sound like something off of “Pinkerton” with catchy hooks and harmonies over top heavy guitar driven riffs. These tracks are sure to please any fan.

As much as the album is full of tracks that sound like the old Weezer is back, they still have some songs that fall flat. ‘The British Are Coming” sounds like it should of been left off the album with its jumble lyrics about red coats and sons of liberty. Rivers must of watched a documentary about the American Revolution on the History channel before he wrote this song.

“Go Away” is a stand out track which features guest vocals from Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast. Her vocals paired with Rivers is match made in power rock heaven.

As much as the album is full of geeky power-chord pop tracks, the album ends with a largely instrumental trilogy of songs which at times triggers a Pink Floyd vibe.

Everything Will Be Alright In The End is an album that should bring those old Weezer fans back and even please some new ones. This album is a perfect example of what Weezer does best: playing quirky, brilliant rock music and that’s something they should of been doing all along.

Everything Will Be Alright In The End is available in stores and online today, October 7th.