As if a line-up featuring The Allman Brothers, Flaming Lips, Michael Franti and Spearhead, and a Bob Weir/Bruce Hornsby project were not enough, Allgood announced it’s list of late night performers. Think an all night diner when you just don’t want to go home after a great evening. This year Allgood will feature 5 acts to play till the sun comes up. Lotus, Galactic, Papadosio, Shpongle, and Lettuce will take the stage for wee hour sets. There is certainly something there for anyone’s palate. Kind of like a menu you might find at at an all night eatery. For my money hard funkin’ Lettuce would be my pick to keep your feet moving like an extra strong cup of Joe. This Boston based band has all the “chops” needed for an all out wild party. Of course I am referring to “chops’ of the musical variety and not the culinary kind. If you want to end your day with some serious Psychedelic chill music don’t miss the London band Shpongle who have been carrying the ambient jam torch for over 15 years. Whatever your flavor I can think of no better way welcome the sunrise than to be serenaded by any of these stellar acts in the beautiful Ohio setting that is the Allgood Music Festival 2012.