The four-piece group from Leeds University, Alt-J, rolled through Philly’s music scene like the awesome wave they are. Last night at the TLA they put on a spectacular performance with a great light show accompaniment. The TLA was packed to the max and you could taste the anticipation in the air for this group to come on stage. The stage was decked out with standing lights and the back wall was designed like their album cover. They were opened by a group called Hundred Waters, an eclectic group of 5 young musicians. Playing a mix of electronic, drum and bass, and piano with vocals, they certainly set quite the mood for the very much expected upcoming performance by Alt-J.


Alt-J walked on stage like they meant business. Without even a acknowledgement to the crow they got right into it and started with the first song off their album, Intro. At first it seemed as though they were going to play through their whole album in sequence cause they started off with Intro, Interlude 1, and then Tessellate. But then they broke off the sequence with Something Good, Dissolve Me, Fitzgerald, Matilda, Bloodflood, Ms and Breezeblocks. It wasn’t until a resounding encore that they came back for Handmade and Taro. Alt-J has a sound that is so unique and I remember that when I first listened to them I bought their album immediately. It’s a combination of the unique voice of Joe Newman and their alternative, grungy-but-not-grungy and dub-like tunes. And I wasn’t sure whether it was because they’re still new performers and shy but they didn’t say much to the audience, yet they could put on one hell of a performance. The lights were fantastic and incredibly well coordinated with their songs, in fact the stage set up on it’s own was great. It was overall a really great performance and I hope they come back to Philly again because I can imagine that they’ll only get better with time! They’re going to be performing at the upcoming Osheaga Music and Arts Festival in Montreal, Canada and if you’re going to go see them there then you should be prepared to be blown away.