Did you know theres a recording studio in the basement of Lancaster’s booming live music fueled pub Tellus 360? Tellus 360 sits in the center of historic downtown Lancaster, and has become the city’s cultural hub from it’s rooftop bar that doubles as an outdoor yoga studio, to it’s ground floor pub, that offers a great communal setting for a wide aray of live music nearly seven days a week. Tellus 360 is the kind of place where small city americana cutlure thrives, where you can walk in, enjoy a Guniess and good music on any day with warm familiar faces.

Here, a Tellus regular, and guitar virtuoso Andy Mowatt with his 8-string 4-tet records “Hip on Pop” at The Sugar Tank, in the basement of Tellus 360.

A musical jack of all trades and master of many, Andy has spent time writing and aranging music for a variety of different bands from his Steely Jam to The Andy Mowatt Trio, and these songs are the best. Andy will be celebrating the release of his latest album, “An End To The Means” right at Tellus 360 on October 24 ,(recorded at Harrisburg’s MDW Production Studios), and you won’t want to miss it! These songs are all time tested, and performance approved. Each song is suited with some of the nastiest musicians and best sound engineers around, including Max Swan (alto sax), Aaron Trassat (keys), and Taylor Wade (drums). The full length album will consist of mainly original compositions, with a few twists on some modern classics, including the featured track; a cover of Beyonce’s hit “Love On Top”.