Arch Enemy headlined The Best Buy Theater Friday night with the help of legendary thrash metal band Kreator and fellow female fronted band Huntress. Huntress, an up and coming heavy metal band from California, impressed fans with their energetic opening and the wicked costume/face expressions of lead singer Jill Janus. Janus is originally trained as an opera singer, though her vocal range spanning four octaves allows her to add a classical touch while still keeping that heavy metal growl. Males in the audience loved when Janus began to sing their song “I Wanna Fuck You To Death”, a song whose lyrics were originally written by Lemmy of Motorhead. The audience was shocked at the level set by the opening band and awaited the return of the next band, Kreator.



The German heavy metal band Kreator came out, bringing the energy to another level. Fans quickly created a mosh pit in the middle of the venue and head-banged to old classics like “Extreme Aggression”, “Pleasure To Kill” and “Phantom Antichrist.” American fans always appreciate the metal boys from Germany, continually keeping the energy alive for the band. Kreator being one of the metal bands to help pioneer death metal, was the perfect band to help fans anticipate the Swedish death metal band.



Arch Enemy began their set with the brutal “Enemy Within”, a song which was originally recorded with Angela Gossow, but which new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz made all her own. Alissa’s vocals seemed to tear the venue apart with thundering power behind her growls. The bands chemistry on stage appeared to be years strong and Alissa’s energy controlled the fans enough to make them do whatever she wanted. The Best Buy Theater was packed and raging with energy to keep going, so much that the band had to come out for 2 encores to please fans. Playing “Nemesis” and “Silent Wars”, fans were more than appreciative towards the band for abiding their calls for an encore.


Angela Gossow on Stage at The Best Buy Theater