Asher Roth is back with a brand new album, and to celebrate, he invites you to the Barbary tonight to get down with some of his new tunes for a RetroHash Listening Session. Asher had a meteoric rise on the pop charts, radio, and TV alike with his smash hit I Love College five years ago. To many, he may have seemed to have fade away, but rest assured, he’s been hard at work, seemingly constantly in the studio, recording, and evolving.


RetroHash is his latest effort, and in anticipation for tonight’s show, Asher was kind enough to take a few minutes for a quick Q & A with Tri State Indie, in which he touches on his work with Pharrell and Scooter Braun, and his desire to play cricket in India.


TSI: Tangerine Girl sounds wildly different from any of your previous records, whether Pabst or Bread. Is this a pretty good representation of what we can expect from the rest of RetroHash?

AR: Yeah, I mean, no two songs on RetroHash sound alike. However, Tangerine Girl plays an imperative role in “tying the room together” if you will. The whole album has a cohesive feel and is really an ideal album to drive to.

TSI: Who produced RetroHash, what did they bring to the table that was new for you?

AR: RetroHash is produced entirely by Blended Babies. We have an amazing relationship as we’re friends first and foremost yet we worked together in the past on Pabst and Jazz. So they bring trust to the table. That allows us to try new things and experiment and thoroughly enjoy the process of making music.

TSI: What’s it like going from producing a record with a major label to going independent?

AR: I think it’s nice to experience life outside of a major label system. Obviously it’s nice to have some dollars to play with but you can’t really put a price on creative freedom.

TSI: Whatever happened to the Spaghetti Tree Sessions with Pharrell?

AR: They exist. At the end of the day my record label at the time wasn’t fully invested in the music. There isn’t much reason to release music that not everyone you’re working with is on board with.

TSI: Do you still have any kind of relationship with Scooter Braun or anyone you met while spending time in Atlanta?

AR: Yes. Scooter and I are friends. His management company still represents me. I still think about my time in Atlanta and still keep in touch with the friends I have down there. But as life goes on people inevitably grow apart.

TSI: How have you grown as a rapper and an artist since you broke out amongst the masses with I Love College?

AR: Just have had more experiences. Priorities have changed slightly. My appetite for new and different has grown. I want to constantly be trying new things and growing as an individual. As I do that, my music will grow and change as well.

TSI: I Love College came out about five years ago… if I can play job interview, where do you see yourself in another five years? Where do you hope to be?

AR: I want to travel and maintain my health. Play cricket in India. Eat sushi and ramen in Japan. I want to stay around stimulating people and do stimulating things. One of the things that allows me to do that is live music.

TSI: Will you be using a live band at the Barbary? What exactly will your “Live Listening Session” entail?

AR: I always play with a live band. It’s what makes the experience of playing music more enjoyable to me and in turn I feel it makes it more enjoyable for the listener. A live listening session is an opportunity for friends, fans and family to hear the music in a live format before it’s released. I’m looking forward to introducing RetroHash while also revisiting some older gems.


Thanks again to Asher Roth for his time. Hope to see you all at the show tonight at The Barbary! In the meantime, check out Asher’s latest music video off of RetroHash, “Tangerine Girl” below


Asher Roth Retro Hash LIVE listening Session

The Barbary

951 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125

Doors 7:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM

Tickets $12-15


[WATCH] Asher Rother “Tangerine Girl”