When Warm Ghost’s front man Paul Duncan took the stage, he looked like a small forward for the 76ers. Standing well above 6 foot,  he probably could be playing in the NBA instead of being a singer, but lucky for us he chose to perform. He definitely made the right choice. He and his mates put on a great show Saturday night.   “Open The Wormhole I Your Heart” from their album Uncut Diamond was a sure hit with the crowd. The band’s amazing sound as well as the cool visual effects, made for a great set!  Make sure you check out TSI contributor, Jordan Capizzi’s interview with Warm Ghost!

Asobi Seksu, is Yuki Chikudate, James Hanna, Billy P on Bass, and Larry G on drums. They were the second act to take the stage. It was confusing at first because they were supposed to be the headliner. No worries for the crowd though, they loved every second of their set. “Leave the Drummer Out There” a song from the new album Flourescence was a giant hit with the crowd. With just under an hour set the band put on a great show, complete with flashing lights, and awesome guitar solos. Due to the mix up with the show having no headliner there was no encore, although the band did hangout and sign autographs at the merch table at the end of the night.

Headlining the show, or at least the last band to perform was CULTS. Madeline Folin and Brian Oblivion, took the stage with their laid back California style and really impressed the crowd. On the second to last night of their tour, the band hit the crowd with a short but sweet 45 min set. You could tell they only had a limited time on stage, but between songs Madeline joked about how it was the bands first time in Philly, but has been their favorite city on the tour. Although she’s laid back you could see Madeline’s  fire on “You Know What I Mean”. A spirited song simply about getting your point across. Showing off their range with “Go Outside”,  this was also a song that shows off the awesome California vibe they were spreading to the city of Brotherly love. I def can’t wait for them to come back again!