European based duo the Yaker Brothers made the trip to Johnny Brenda’s with their families cheering them on. Only speaking English between songs, the brothers had a great repore with the crowd. I’ve never been to Russia nor do I speak Russian, but their performance was really great. Maybe it was the fact that I love Acoustic music, I now realize that you don’t have to understand any words to rock out. Their song “Heron” had me rocking out, and laughing at myself because I had no clue what they were saying.

When Ports of Call took the stage for there set I had a bit of excitement. What I had heard from them sounded awesome, so I was eager to see them live. Lead singer  Bart Allen and his bandmates didn’t disappoint. “Washout ” from their Like Thieves CD is an excellent song, and is even better when performed live. As I was heading out, Bart (guitar & vocals) caught up with me and thanked me for coming out. He also told me the next time they had a show I could get an interview and do some band pics. I was pretty stoked because he actually took the time to seek me out in the crowd and offer me this amazing opportunity.

Audible’s front man, Mike Kennedy was sporting his new salt and pepper beard and gave the crowd a stellar show. “The  Last Thing I Remember” from the CD The Isolette, had a kinda’ throwback to the 80’s sound. From beginning to end this band was rocking. Whether it was Mike on lead or his wife Kristine, they never skipped a beat. They even gave us a peek of an untitled new song they were still working on. The sound man added a echo affect to the end of that particular song and the band was so impress, they are actually going to use it moving forward with this track.

I hadn’t really heard much from the bands that were featured on Friday, but I was definitely excited to see that there are some really great bands in the Philly area. And if I’m ever in Europe, I will def search high and low for the Yaker Brothers!