The Bright Light Social Hour: The South Rises Again

In a seemingly out of place venue at the Rathaus in Philadelphia, The Bright Light Social Hour played their set at a packed house on a small, cramped stage, which gave it a very college-band feel while still playing excellent music. The Bright Light Social Hour played before a large group of young enthusiastic fans, who arrived hours early in preparation for the concert, meeting and greeting everyone before the concert, much like a house block party. Despite being from Austin, Texas, The Bright Light Social Hour fit right in with the hipster crowd in Philly, who had learned about the show from either The Bright Light Social Hour’s MySpace webpage ( or word of mouth from their friends, and completely packed the Rathaus.

The highlights of the concert were the tracks ‘Shanty’ and ‘Detroit’. The Bright Light Social Hour began the concert with ‘Shanty’ which got the crowd roaring for more, getting them pumped up for the rest of the set. ‘Detroit’ mellowed out the crowd with a very blues feel song that the crowd appreciated. There wasn’t a point in the concert that The Bright Light Social Hour lost the focus of the crowd, the crowd repeatedly calling for encore performances from the band. However, no matter how many extra songs the band played, the audience kept repeatedly calling for the band to play on, not wanting them to end.

So despite being from Texas, Bright Light Social Hour fit right in with the Northeastern crowd and helped set a new fan base away from Texas by bringing some Southern charm up to Philadelphia.