The Black Keys ended their 2012 tour this past Saturday in London at the Alexandra Palace. Opening for The Black Keys were the UK rock trio Band Of Skulls.

Band Of Skulls introduced tracks off of their new record Sweet Sour – which released in the United States on February 7 – while indulging the crowd with popular favorites like “I Know What I Am” and “Light of The Morning” off Baby Darling Doll Face Honey.

Emphasizing on their rugged, aggressive sound, Matthew Hayward, Russell Marsden and Emma Richardson worked together on stage flawlessly in sync. During “Patterns” the dark undertones were hauntingly powerful as each lyric was echoed from Hayward’s and Richardson’s voice.

Halfway through the song, the slow, progressive beat began while Hayward and Richardson inched their way closer to one another from across stage. Once they met in the middle their bodies mirrored each other, still playing the soft and steady rhythm. The second they broke away the tempo picked up, transcending intensity the audience could both hear and feel.

Ending their set with “Diamonds and Pearls” that included an outstanding guitar solo by Hayward, Band Of Skulls left the audience with a chilling performance and in full preparation for The Black Keys.

There’s something to be said about two American guys from Ohio who can turn an entire venue in London into a heartfelt frenzy. As Patrick Carney waved to the crowd and sat behind the drums with his signature thick rimmed glasses, Dan Auerbach took the microphone and announced:

“This is our last show on tour, so this has gotta be better than every one we’ve done so far”.

And with that proclamation, they broke into “Howlin’ For You,” beginning The Keys’ set which resonated true to Auerbach’s word.

Other favorites off of their 2010 record Brothers such as “Next Girl” and “Tighten Up” were performed in company with their hit “Lonely Boy” off of their most recently released album, El Camino.

The Black Keys most memorable song performed throughout the night was during their demanded encore. As the first few notes for “Everlasting Light” were played, a giant disco ball dropped from the ceiling and the venue turned into a cosmic display of music and lights. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney wrapped up their 2012 tour in rock star fashion with “I Got Mine” off of their 2008 record  Attack & Release.

While the lighting displays and background imagery were an addition to the performance, it was barely needed. The Black Keys are one of the few bands that can transcend better live than recorded, each song packaging the right amount of raw rhythm and soul to deliver an unforgettable show.

The Black Keys are undoubtably something that is to be experienced in person. While their 2012 tour may have ended in London, it’ll be an exciting year to see where this brilliantly talented band will end up next.