On Monday the 14th, 14 bands off the Vans Warped Tour spent their day off in Scranton, PA playing a game of dodgeball basically just for the hell of it. Sponsored by Glamour Kills, a clothing line that is very involved in today’s music scene, the teams competed in knock out rounds of the playground game for the title of the 3rd Annual Glamour Kills Dodgeball Invitational Champions.


Teams were broken up by bands and were made up of both band and crew members. I did notice however Tay Jardine and Jordan Eckes (We Are The In Crowd singers) and Tyler Carter (Issues singer) were missing, we decided there must’ve been a singers convention they were attending. As a substitute for Tay, Team WATIC recruited violinist from Yellowcard, Sean Mackin. Mackin showed up ready to go sporting a mullet wig and his game face. Speaking of faces, The Protomen went above and beyond and painted their faces silver along with wearing matching booty jean shorts. Their enthusiasm and pizazz was not lacking on the field either. Each team was dressed in matching band shirts or GK dodgeball shirts. Although, Parkway Drive had snazzy orange Nike jerseys with their names and band logo on the back. Derek Sanders, the lead singer of Mayday Parade, who is known for being barefoot on stage made no exception for the game.

It was pretty great to watch because everyone wanted to win (obviously) but they are all friends so while they were taking it seriously you could tell they were having so much fun. It’s cool to see people out of the environment (a stage) that you’re used to seeing them. There was some shit talking, some yelling at the ref for bad calls and some pretty gnarly annulations of individuals. All in good fun, of course.

Photo by: Tom Falcone

Photo by: Tom Falcone

As the teams were getting eliminated one by one, the last remaining four teams were Crown The Empire, WATIC, State Champs, and Parkway Drive. All very worthy of making it that far. It was game on in the semi finals where, unfortunately, Crown The Empire and State Champs lost both getting down to one player versus a posse and they just couldn’t do it alone.

Through all the dodging, dipping, diving, ducking, and dodging, Aussie’s Parkway Drive came out on top as champions and took home the trophy.

The day ended with everyone playing one huge game of dodgeball with all the bands and me fearing getting hit in the face.

Photo from Parkway Drive's Instagram

Photo from Parkway Drive’s Instagram

Below are the standing of the tournament and some photos. (Full disclosure-I broke my camera lens, these are a mixture of pictures from my crappy old camera, my crappy iPhone and Tom Falcones or Vince Dwyer’s pictures.)


Neck Deep vs We Are The In Crowd

Real Friends vs State Champs

I Fight Dragons vs Crown The Empire

Parkway Drive vs The Summer Set

Teenage Bottlerocket vs Issues

The Word Alive vs Mayday Parade


We Are The In Crowd vs Mixtape

Protomen vs State Champs

Crown The Empire vs Issues

The Word Alive vs Parkway Drive


We Are The In Crowd vs Crown The Empire

State Champs vs Parkway Drive

GAME FOR 3rd/4th (does this have a name?)

State Champs vs Crown The Empire


Parkway Drive vs We Are The In Crowd