Monday night was a jam packed night at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.  The parking was tight and the place was crowded from the start.  There were no stragglers wandering in after the opening acts.  People wanted to see the whole gig.  In this case there were two openers and one was Ben Lee.

Ben hails from Down Under and he brings his singer songwriter talents along with some Aussie humor to us and we should be glad he did.  His voice is strong and he doesn’t push the issue.  His lyrics are powerful and the music will hold your ear.  He commands the stage as only a good balladeer can.  It’s not a simple task being the one who must do it all on stage, with only one person as backup.  Ben made it look easy.  The tunes and the rhythms were powerful and the carefully selected electronic beats added intensity.   His understated support for the Occupy Wall street movement  was perfect and in its own way gave the movement more momentum.

A great show by a great talent.  Keep him in your sights.