Delayed by the artwork designer’s illness and a technical glitch in the CD reproduction, last month saw the release of Ben Roth’s album Doog. Dedicated to his true love Heather Bridget Theresa Sandwick who passed away on November 16, 2009 at the age of 22, this is a work of incredible loss and pain but surprizingly hopeful and upbeat. “I wanted the record to also have a brightness to acknowledge the love and support of family and friends”, says Ben.

Recorded in Lancaster over four weekends last year at Mr. Studio with producer Jeremy Bentley, the album is wonderfully done with much range and aural depth. There are soaring rock guitars and quiet moments that are simply heartbreaking. Backed up by his excellent band including:  Dillon Reichel [guitar], Collins (Bear) Regisford [Bass], Becky Caplan [piano], and Dominic Billet [drums] the album kicks off with the powerful “Living The Dream!” and “Iowa Police” before getting into the more personal and sorrowful songs such as “Things I Miss Most” and “End Of An Era”. Somewhat reminiscent of say Dashboard Confessional or Jimmy Eats World, this is a collection of well written pop songs.

I ask Ben if this record was a catharsis for him and if these songs offer some kind of closure. “It’s hard because everytime I sing these songs the memories come back. It’s hard to say what the future songs will be like at this point.” Ben is currently writing songs for an upcoming EP.

Doog is a rich and deep album that gets better with repeated listens. At times the pain is almost too hard to bear to but there is also much hope about how we get through these things with the help of friends and those that love us. For more info go to

Ben Roth played a show with Mike McMonagle on Dec 29th. This was Mike’s Birthday and Ben’s CD release.  Pics of this show were take by TSI’ own E. Adam Quinn.