The fresh Philadelphia locals that they are, Screwjack took the show at the 2010 Beta Hi-Fi Emerging Artist music contest at World Café Live.  The three day contest pitted local bands against themselves in a battle of the bands style contest which left the winner with a very nice prize package including a spot at the Dewey Beach Music Conference, the Philadelphia F/M Fest, two nights in any Aloft Hotel in North America, $100 store credit at M# Printing, $25 Gift Certificate to Sam Ash, and $20 Site credit on Oh and not to mention the bragging rights of being the Beta Hi-Fi Emerging Artist champion.

Screwjack originally began playing music in the depths of Central Pennsylvania Chambersburg PA.  For those of you not aware of Chambersburg, it’s a smaller, rural PA town about an hour south of Harrisburg.  It is not the type of place where a band like Screwjack belongs.  As Simon put it “our style of music doesn’t really go over too well. Most of the people like covers, country or a very strange style of hip-hop.” (Ke$ha anyone?)

Philly is almost the complete opposite. A burgeoning music scene with tons of independent artists, Philadelphia is a breeding ground for independent artists, whom are all very open and supportive of fellow musicians. This is the experience that Screwjack has had so far: “People are really welcoming here. Everyone seems really cool and interested to hear us.”

Chambersburg is really missing out on this up and coming band.  Coming off a mini-tour through the PA “burgs,” (Harrisburg, Gettysburg, etc…) Screwjack arrived at the Beta Hi-Fi show ready to play. “The first day was stressful and our goal was just to make it to the finals” they explained.  On the second day “we were just really comfortable with the way we were playing.”  Their comfort led to pulling of the big W at the Beta Hi-Fi.

Whats up next for Screwjack?  Well they’ll probably start off by picking up some new guitar strings and picks to rock the Dewey Beach Music Conference with their $25 gift certificate to SamAsh.  Then you can catch them during the Philadelphia Film and Music festival.  Following all the fun you’ll find Screwjack in the studio. They are seeking to land some studio space and lay down a solid album. Keep up to date with them on myspace, facebook, reverb nation and in your local yellow pages under “tasty indie tunes.”