“Music for a long attention span” is what Birdie Busch’s manager calls it.Not something easily experienced in a twenty second clip on your laptop.Better enjoyed in a comfortable chair playing from old wooden box speakers,heard and savored from beginning to end.Or better yet,seen performed live.Birdie Busch will be part of the XPoNential Music Festival in Camden on Saturday night joined by a five piece band that features long time bassist Todd Erk and the inclusion of a pedal steel player.She will be performing songs from her most recent release,her fourth,Everyone Will Take You In and well as songs from earlier albums.Her voice on the phone is melodic and sweet when she takes a few minutes out of her busy schedule to chat.She’s been working at her art on the Philly scene for the past five years or so.How do you navigate an entertainment business that is impatient and overloaded with choices?”You connect with people one at a time.””There are good days and bad days.”Says Busch.”I am happy to be doing what I love.”Good days include gigs on the West Coast where she found fans who knew her stuff and bought tickets to the shows.The singer has also found a home with folks in Vermont where she will travel to later this summer.She is also with her manager working on fall dates in the Midwest.In the meantime she keeps living expenses low and dedication to her craft high.If you haven’t heard Birdie Busch as yet I highly reccomend a trip to the festival on Saturday.Her music demands attention.You will be justly rewarded!