Birdie Busch Tonight in Philly

January 20th @ Tin Angel

with Dickey & Mills of Bloodfeathers’

Philadelphia, PA

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Everyone Will Take You In..
Birdie Busch’s atmospheric folk, which often aches with strains of country-blues, jumps out with a rockabilly swagger and blushes with whimsical pretty-girl-telling-you-a-secret lilt that’s all her own, and doesn’t really fit any category or genre. It’s weird and winding: she sings about magic, luck, the universe, the human heart speeding off on dangerous missions like Inspector Gadget. An intimate partnership with long time band mates has assured that her records are cohesive and remarkably mature, a dreamy Americana too warm to be made in this decade but too grounded and aware to be made anytime else.

Coming out of what could be called a veritable roots-rock renaissance that has put Philadelphia back at the top of the list of America’s music capitals, she joins other talented locals and partners in crime in creating a tight-knit community that seeks to make great music, inspire people and see what happens.

Critics from the Village Voice to American Songwriter have admiringly found her of kindred spirit to everyone from Syd Barrett to Eudora Welty and All Music Guide exclaimed that she is one of the “most affecting altos around”.

Birdie’s newest release, Everyone Will Take You In, is a group of songs inspired by her hometown of Philadelphia. The project is the first release for the new label Be Frank Records, a Philadelphia label specializing in vinyl releases and digital availabilities.

“Fred Knittel of Be Frank Records has been a fan of ours since discovering our last record Pattern of Saturn. We share so much of the same joy and excitement for music past, present, and future that this project took a naturally serendipitous route from there” says Birdie.

The 45 will offer two songs. “Joey” is Birdie’s observations of the ethnic rifts in South Philly “…the hoagie’s a taco, oh Joey don’t act so macho…”. The b-side is her own interpretation of the Philly street corner group the Soul Survivors hit, “City of Brotherly Love”. Both of these songs as well as two other originals that cover culturally shifting neighborhoods and characters will be available digitally as part of the story that is presented in the intricate packaging for the single.

It’s a broad spectrum but Birdie has always believed in our multitudes and found inspiration in gray areas and multi-faceted emotions. The trick is how she seems to encapsulate it, in what feels like very buoyant and effortless attempts.

It’s music that grows with repeated listens and shows you different things in different moments, with words that can strike too close to home and melodies that never wear out.

Come out and get a limited run copy at one of Birdie Busch’s shows. She will be performing at WXPN’s XPoNential Music Festival this summer on July17th as well as dates up and down the East Coast.

Birdie Busch