Jennifer Herrema, formerly of Royal Trux and RTX, makes her way to Chameleon Club in Lancaster this Thursday, May 17, with her new band, Black Bananas.

Now touring with Kurt Vile in support of “Rad Times Express IV,” their new record on the Drag City label, Herrema has been making killer rock and roll since 1987  when she partnered with Neil Haggery to form Royal Trux. The Royal Trux toured and recorded ’till their break-up in 2001. Then came RTX which became Black Bananas in 2011.

Featuring the same line-up of Herrema, Jaimo Welch, Brian McKinley, Kurt Midness, and Nadav Eisenman,Black Bananas has been described as a slightly more electronic version of RTX. Songs like “TV Trouble” and “Rad Times” have plenty of Electro-throb but still retain Southern Rock party drive and plenty of trippy Lo-Fi rawness and density. I love the fact that despite whatever souped up sounds are on these tracks at their heart they are road-beat-to-shit Stones-y blues-rock.

Jennifer Herrema who has made her bones for years as a musician, producer, designer, and model is still the real deal. She is an authentic Rock and Roll fucking artist who has dedicated her life to her craft. From her beginnings with Royal Trux she has long been considered a pioneer and keeper of the flame and has been an inspiration to more than one Indie rock band.Her recent collaboration with Kurt Vile seems a natural one. He was present at most of the sessions for “Rad Times ” and they have recorded a great, raucous version of the Stones’ “Before They Make Me Run”.

Jennifer has also collaborated with MGMT who she met while opening up for them. She sang on two tracks on their last record. Besides fronting Black Bananas, Jennifer Herrema also designs a jean line for Volcom. The show at Chameleon will definitely be epic with Kurt Vile headlining, True Widow opening and Black Bananas as a perfect filler for this all out Rock and Roll sandwich.

The show starts at 8pm so get there early and grab a brew 😉

Tickets: $13.00 – $15.00

Ages 18 & Over

Tickets available on the Chameleon Club web-site.