Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Twenty Wonder (A Carnival Of The Mind)

Last night in Los Angeles, I was witness to some amazing Rock and Roll. I am constantly impressed by the support Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) lends to non-profits. They volunteered their time to perform at The Twenty Wonder Festival, hosted by the Los Angeles Derby Dolls, in support of The Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles. Twenty Wonder (A Carnival Of The Mind), featured an amazing array of circus-type performers, scientists, roller derby dolls, artwork, and music…all to raise money and awareness for Trisomy 21 (Scientific name for Down Syndrome, and for which the festival derived it’s name). Many people in the entertainment world lended their support for the event, comedians and actors alike, a list of which can be found on their website I was there for the general splendor of it all, but especially to show my support for a local non-profit, and to photograph BRMC.

They only had time for a few songs…starting with an amazing jam of Hendrix-like sonic energy…and ending with “Whatever Happened To My Rock ‘N’ Roll (Punk Song)”. I have seen them before, at their first SXSW performance in Austin TX in 2010. They blew me away then, and even with four songs, did so again last night. They are absolutely a ressurection of true Rock and Roll. Not to imply that Rock music is gone, but to say that they drive a force into live performance that no other band is doing today. They take the blues and enforce it into their music, as described by Twenty Wonder they are the “World Wide Warlords of rock and blues…”. Who else can take a small stage with little to no effects, and as a three piece, make your senses fall into a trance of  raw Rock and Roll prowess? They did that to the audience last night. There was not one person unaffected by their sudden attack to the stage. And to know that they do so many of these small sets for the support of Non-Profits, makes them the most humbly sincere musicians performing today. They stay committed to what is most important…true love of Rock and Roll and making it accessible to anyone…bridging the gaps between demographics and what may be considered taboo. They are currently working in the studio, and still operating on their own Independent Label- Abstract Dragon.


Author: Ashley Beliveau

Originally from the New England area just outside of Boston, Ashley has a passion for music. Having dedicated four years to studying Fine Arts and receiving her BFA with a concentration in Photography, she decided to move around the country starting with the Tri-State area. She has been photographing the festival circuit for the past two years, been published by competitive photography publications, and has traveled throughout Europe: a dream come true. Her aim as an artist is to photograph musicians in hopes of capturing a rare moment, and preserving the intangible electricity of live performance forever in a image. She feels that “Music builds bridges between demographics, between time. There is a spirit to music, to rock and roll, and that is what I live for.” She loves coffee, road trips, and 24-hour diners. You can view her blog at for updated work and for her portfolio.

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