For the past year or two I have heard the name Bombay Bicycle Club over and over and over again. I heard the name from friends who told me that I needed to listen to them. I saw the bands name on festival line ups…take my friends advice and see them….but always miss them. I saw the name repeatedly on recommended stations. Still….I never clicked the links to play a few songs. Bombay Bicycle Club has escaped me due to my lack of motivation of discovering a new favorite band.

bombay bicycle club_2

Thankfully….Bombay Bicycle Club decided to swing through Philadelphia, PA and play at Union Transfer. I took this opportunity to finally see why everyone has been talking about them. I went in to the show with a 100% clean slate. I did not binge on their music to be able to know a few songs in case they were played. I did not listen to the suggested singles on spotify. I went in with not knowing what in the least to expect….and it paid off BIG.

bombay bicycle club_4

From the moment Bombay Bicycle Club took the stage the entire room was filled with amazing music and positivity. Not knowing a single song allowed me to just open my eyes and ears and just listen. I enjoyed every word that was sung, every note that was played and every person that swayed to the music they loved so much. Since that day at Union Transfer I  have not stopped listening to their records. It may have taken longer than it should have, but Bombay Bicycle Club is now one of my favorite bands.

bombay bicycle club_6

They have several more dates in the U.S. til they have over seas to play a series of festivals. They will return to the states for Lollapalooza. My advice would be to discover this band now, and not wait like I did. Keep track of their tour dates, and witness this amazing group of musicians for yourself.

bombay bicycle club_9


Photos By: Timothy Becker