It’s been quite the journey for Lancaster native, Brian Miller. “I moved out to San Francisco in 2004 and ended up meeting singer-songwriter  Jolie Holland at a coffee shop I was working at.” Brian ended up touring the world with Holland as lead guitarist in her band. “It was a wonderful experience. We had a great following in Australia.” After a few years he married the woman he loved. Touring and family are a tough mix. It was time to get off the road and work on creating in a different way, the precious daughter he helps care for. “We relocated to Philly to have a place closer to the folks to raise our baby.” A lot of this transition and projecting on the birth of his daughter is the source material for songs on the first Lightning Bug Situation album, A Leaf, A Stream. “The new album, Call, is more about the way having a baby changes your relationship with your spouse. No one can really tell you what to expect and how to deal with the sacrifice and subjugation of personal needs that being a parent brings on. There is inevitably a fair share of hurt that is caused. Call deals with the hurt and subsequent effort to heal, that comes with this new life phase.”

Brian who writes and plays all the music on Call expresses these emotions beautifully on the record. The show next Saturday at Senorita Burrita on Prince Street should be a special one. The show will be opened by local pianist, Matt Monticchio, and his improvisational trio, The Go Particle. They will then join Brian as he performs songs from The Lightening Bug Situation’s repertoire. It should be a wonderful musical homecoming. In closing we talk about the challenges of being both parent and musician, of getting older and still being involved in your art. I tell him that I believe you can always keep the spirit of music alive. His response, “the spirit is what keeps me alive.” Well said. Catch the show next Saturday night at 8:30. For folks near Philly, The Lightning Bug Situation and The Go Particle also perform Saturday October 2nd at Studio 34 Yoga/Healing/Arts at 7:30. The address is 4522 Baltimore Ave.