Cactus Flower releases her debut album, Magic Hour, on July 24, 2015. Stream the album’s lead single, “Darkest Hour, HERE !

Cactus Flower songs evoke a long history of folk and country music, but it’s a sound that’s approached with a restless spirit. Boom-chicka drums and bouncing country bass are interrupted by Beatles/Byrds inspired psychedelia in first single “Darkest Hour,” un-conventional keyboard sounds meld with jangling electric guitars on “Redbird, the honkey-tonk piano solo “Left The Lights On” echoes through strange cathedrals. It’s music well paired to Jessica Lewis’ narratives of free spirited and adventurous women (“China Blue, “Jojo, and “Cola”) loosening their ties to small towns and small expectations.

Lewis’ voice is warm, breathy, and articulate as she delivers these stories and character studies with a light touch, with word-play and rhyme, and a knack for pop inspired byHarry Nilsson and the Monkees. It’s music as evocative and filled with promise as those mysterious transitions between day and night that lend the album it’s name.

Recorded at the legendary Echo Chamber in Halifax’s north end by engineer Dave Ewenson (The K-Tels, Brent Randall and his Pinecones, The Taste (Halifax), Hymm, Catbag), Magic Hour features contributions from several well known and celebrated names: keyboardist Levon Campbell, songwriter and vocalist behind Hymm; bassist Evan Cardwell of Bad Vibrations, Secret Colours, Journeys, and Escape Tapes; and pedal steel ace Asa Brosius (JP Harris, Dark for Dark, Rose Cousins, and many more).