At the start of a lengthy summer tour that will take them through September, gypsy-swing quartet Caravan Of Thieves plays The Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival this Saturday, June 1st.

I caught up with Fuzz and his wife Carrie who started the band in 2008 by phone in their home state of Connecticut. I ask how things are going with the band. “2012 was a real step up year for us”, said Carrie. “We did our first coast to coast tour this year and it went well. We played places we had never been and got support from folks in areas we didn’t expect.”


Caravan Of Thieves who are known for their very fun live shows and audience participation are trying to grow their fan base slowly. “We believe in giving the people what they want and we are constantly working on our music. It’s better to move up slowly and build the fan base organically instead of looking for the next hit. It also gives us more control of our music”.

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Look for a high intensity set this Saturday with humor and a touch of theatrics. The band will be performing songs off their recent record 2012’s Funhouse as well as tunes off their prior two releases during their 45 minute set on Saturday. Fuzz tells me they won’t probably have time to perform their reinvented versions of Psycho Killer and Bohemian Rhapsody but you can check those out on YouTube HERE. For more info about Caravan Of Thieves check out the website.


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