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[Review] Apache Relay Self-Titled Album, Available 4/22


It has been three years since The Apache Relay released their last album, American Nomad.  Fans, like myself, have been waiting patiently for the sophomore effort and the wait is finally over with the self-titled record, due out on April 22nd. Backtracking to the origin of The Apache Relay; Michael Ford Jr. (vocals, bass) teamed

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#TBTReview – The Strokes – Is This It? (2010)


The initial roster of The Strokes consisted of Nikolai Fraiture on bass, Fabrizio Moretti on drums, Nick Valensi on guitar, and Julian Casablancas as the lead vocalist. In their formative stages, they pried on the ability to create lo-fi sounds with an emphasis on simple song writing structure, and poetic introspective of the life and

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The Fresh & Onlys release new single “Animal of One”


San Fran natives, The Fresh and Onlys released new single “Animal of One” off of House of Spirits, their fifth album, out June 10th on Mexican Summer. “Animal of One” definitely takes on the modernized dreamy, vintage rock song. This single features broad lyrical gestures on the ephemerality of forgiving and forgetting sung by vocalist Tim

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#TBTReview: Weezer’s Pinkerton (1996)

weezer-pinkerton_grande copy

Ok, this is not necessarily an overlooked album. Still allow me to make this review personal. In fifth grade I met my first girlfriend. She didn’t know she was my girlfriend, but I figured that because I bought her Weezer’s Blue album and held her hand. So I figured; she was my girlfriend. Naturally when the

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Nicky Egan releases new EP, video, and playing at Underground Arts in Philly tonight


To celebrate the release of The 45 Homestead Project, Nicky Egan will be performing at the Underground Arts in Philly TONIGHT. Doors open at 8 pm and show starts at 9 pm. Click here to purchase tickets. Three ways to describe Nicky Egan’s voice: soulful, sultry, and silvery. Nicky Egan just released her compelling sophomore EP,The

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Meet: Still Life Still

Still Life Still

Canada has always blessed the U.S with talented musicians and Still Life Still is one of them. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Still Life Still gives classic indie-alternative rock with an electronic twist. The five-piece formed in 1999 but didn’t release a  full-length record until 2009. Their first full-length entitled Girls Come Too garnered the band enough attention to

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“You When You’re Older” Video Premiere from Typefighter


Garage pop quartet, Typefighter has premiered a music video for new song “You When You’re Older” on PureVolume. “You When You’re Older“ is the newest song off the band’s debut LP, The End Of Everything, set to release on April 22nd, via DC label Huge Witch Records. An arresting rock ‘n’ roll record filled with pounding rhythms and roaring guitars, Typefighter’s upcoming full-length release delivers a

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#TBTReview – Ben Folds – Fear Of Pop: Volume 1 (1998)


I placed several rules on myself for writing reviews for this series. The first rule was that I listen to both vinyl and compact disc versions. The second rule was that that it be essential to limit the albums with a musician to one. Having found a recent conversation discussing the cult like status of

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Meet: Moose Blood

Moose Blood-promo

As a huge fan of rock music I have to admit, to make new and interesting variations of the genre can be quite difficult especially in the sub-genre of punk. That’s why some punk bands although claiming to sound different still sound the same. However, Moose Blood found a way to breed new life in

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Meet: Daisyhead


In the competitive world of the music industry it takes great talent to receive national acclaim with only an EP on your roster. Not a lot of bands can say they’ve done this, but Nashville based alt-punk band Daisyhead can. With only four songs under their belt, the quartet received overnight success and garnered attention

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