If someone just paid you back some beer money, or you have $10 or $15 in your pocket, you should strut over to the Ardmore Music Hall to check out the McLovins on Friday, July 17th, 8pm. The McLovins are a four-piece band, citing influences from the likes of The Meters, The Band, and The Flaming Lips. Two of the McLovins, Jake Huffman and Justin Berger, took some time from their McLovin life to drop a line about their tour and upcoming album release in October. Follow McLovins Band on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Which body parts of the McLovin character from Superbad do each of you identify with?

Jake- for me it’s not necessarily a body part of McLovin, but the fake ID. We didn’t name the band, but we have played in bars since we were 14 years old. So there is some sort of significance there…

Tell us about your best tour memory?

Justin- this past winter we played a gig in Fort Collins, CO and we were staying in Boulder afterwards. When we got back to Boulder, we hit up this sandwich shop for some late night food and we ran into some of my favorite musicians–Brownie and Magner from The Disco Biscuits, Mike Greenfield from Lotus, and Tom Hamilton from Joe Russo’s Almost Dead/American Babies. They had just finished a gig somewhere else in CO, playing as Electron. Great timing.

Did Buddy Guy give you any wisdom when you performed with him?

Jake- Watching him was legendary. We briefly got to meet him in the green room but we were all pretty star struck, so there weren’t many words exchanged between us. So, no, he didn’t give us any wisdom or an inspiring talk but he sure as hell schooled us on stage. His presence, tone, and over all vibe of his band was something I will always aspire to emulate.

How did you hook up with Bill Sherman for your new album?

Justin- Tinder

Jake- I am lucky enough to date/live with his sister in-law, Kara Kirkland. We spent the holidays in Montgomery, Alabama about three years ago and Billy and I ended up hitting it off over the piano. One thing led to another and he started sending me tunes for Sesame Street, which led then to Bill producing a solo album of mine. Not only has he been a mentor of mine but also true friend. There are only a handful of people I trust as much as Bill, so it made perfect sense that he and Mike Novick took over the management of McLovins. With his input, the new tunes we have been writing are on a whole new level. It’s very exciting.

How is your current EP “Funk No. Uno” different from your upcoming album?

Justin- Our new album is a departure from our previous albums in that we are striving to attain a certain sound with the songs we are writing. Not like past albums where the songs came together more or less organically over the course of a couple years. It’s very much a detail-oriented approach this time around. Much more challenging, but the rewards are well worth it. We are stepping out of our comfort zone. The tunes are well-written and very concise, the fat is all trimmed and what’s left is a tune that will (hopefully) be stuck in your head for days on end.

Stream Funk No. Uno by McLovins on Bandcamp or Buy on iTunes.