Words by Alexandra Voigt

Emeli Sande's Our Version of Events

Why is it that England breeds so many out-of-this-world vocal prodigies?  From the multi Grammy Award winners, Adele and Amy Winehouse to the rich sound of Leona Lewis, the people of the United States will be ecstatic to add another beautiful voice to their playlists–that is, if they haven’t done so already.

The stunning U.K. based musician, Emeli Sandé, emancipates an alluring charm with her edgy style and looks alone.  Recently signed to Capitol Records, Ms. Sandé is currently promoting Our Version of Events, her debut studio album to the U.S.  A disclaimer to the readers out there: listening to Sandé, how she sings–recognizing her dynamics and her relentless emotion–to the words she articulates, you can feel her space in the world.  She is grounded and confident, and her music eloquently shows it.  It’s simple; you will be drawn to her.

The first track on the album, “Heaven” is such an awesome introduction song, pulling you in and immediately propelling you into Sandé’s brilliant mystique.  Released last August 2012 as the first single, “Heaven” has an insanely catchy beat, complete with synthesized strings and a fun “funky drummer” loop that keeps the zealous rhythm.  “My Kind of Love” has quickly become my favorite song on the album, though.  Maintaining that powerful vigor, this song is incredibly chilling and grounding, mirroring Sandé’s attitude.  The backing singers, strings, and percussion are very strong and surging behind the raw energy in Sandé’s vocals, and she definitely gets her vehement point across when firmly ending with the line: “That’s when you feel my kind of love.”

Sandé’s main priority in the music industry is to send a heartfelt message to her listeners while using true, poetic lyrics.  Artists like Joni Mitchell, Lauryn Hill and Nina Simone have inspired Sandé’s musical direction because they all sang with honest feeling and passion.  I hope Ms. Sandé knows that her music and lyrics are exceptionally well taken and are certainly moving, even in today’s shortage of poetry.

You’ll notice that the majority of Sandé’s songs are about love, reassurance and hope in life.  Several of the tracks like: “Where I Sleep,” “Wonder,” “Mountains,” “Maybe,” and “Hope” are all soft, but deliberate and confident in hope.

“Wonder” is a great example of Sandé’s uplifting and positive outlook on life.  Resembling a beam of light, Sandé sings: “If your heart turns blue, I want you to remember, this song is for you, and you are full of wonder.”

Straying from the beautifully crafted, sensuous soulful tracks to an addicting and rupturing pop track is “Daddy,” featuring Naughty Boy.  The dance-y beat and tempo is immediately appealing and comparable to something from Rihanna.

Probably the most prominent hit for Emeli Sandé came from her track, “Next To Me.”  This song can build such excitement and electricity.  The volume and general intensity crescendos and climaxes into a song of comfort, faith and trust in her one love: her husband.  It’s no wonder it became such a viral hit in the UK and US.

Finishing off the album with grace and her ever-constant positive and honest spirit with “Lifetime” and “Hope,” Emeli Sandé has successfully nestled herself a rightful place next to the enchanting Alicia Keys.  The two worked on “Hope” together and they are planning on making music together again.  So we cross our fingers and wait.  The author to every single track on this album, Emeli Sandé is exactly the singer/songwriter that we need more of today.