The show opened  with “The Ring in Return” transporting the Tower Theater into the world of Coheed and CambriaFor those who don’t know, that world is a science fiction story from the mind of Claudio Sanchez that has spanned seven albums. Tonight’s focus was on the second album, In Keeping Secrets to Silent Earth: 3 (IKSSE3). 


“The Ring in Return” Coheed & Cambira – 9/24 Tower Theater, Philly

“Where should I begin…” probably with a brief synopsis  of what IKSSE3 is about when it comes to the entire Amory Wars series. Below is a brief summary taken from Evil Ink..

Ten years after the first Album “Turbine Blade”, son Claudio emerges from the depths of Shylos Ten, the Fence’s “quiet” planet where the Red Army performs its brutal interrogations and imprisonments. In finding out that his entire family has been murdered, Claudio begins his quest for revenge. His foes, Supreme Tri Mage Wilhelm Ryan and General Mayo Deftinwolf sense that he is still alive and holds special powers. They know they must stop him before he defeats them. Meanwhile, Inferno (Jesse Kilgannon) takes up arms against the Red Army in “Man Your Battle Stations” in an effort to seek the same kind of vengeance on him. In Claudio’s re-emergence he teams up with Ambellina, the Prise who is cast out by her peers and forced to be his guide. The pair along with Sizer, a disassembled IRO-bot, seek out Inferno to find answers as to why Claudio’s family was killed, but their plans take an unexpected turn in a ship called The Camper Velourium, piloted by a believed to be racist psychopath named Al.

The story behind the albums is an amazing read and suggest taking time to read it through to help put images to Coheed and Cambria’s lyrics. Ill leave the rest of the story for you to dive further into yourselves. (Don’t feel bad if you are still confused after reading, even Coheed die hard fans have trouble piecing everything together.) Lets move on the the show.

Claudio Sanchez

As the intro of IKSSE3 played to a pitch black venue, all that could be seen was a glowing “Key Work” emblem at the top of the stage. Again, there are some references to the story in this article, apologies to anyone who may be confused. The band took the stage under a dark fog and the very familiar intro to the album began to play over the speakers. The crowd waited for that signature drop. Suddenly, lights shot out from behind the stage and entire venue erupted. Coheed and Cambria began to tell their story and the crowd hung on to every lyric. As “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3″ came to its peak, the crowd supplied the back up vocals for the rest of the song. A song which is about pending war…the crowd chanted along like they were The Red Army from the story.

Claudio Sanchez

The show went on as Coheed and Cambria followed the track listing to their popular album. The crowd was filled with die hard fans who hung on to every word, sang every lyric and moved to every beat, nobody stopped moving. Some songs were more popular than others, like, Three Evils, Blood Red Summer, A Favor House Atlantic and The Light & the Glass. Most songs were over 5 minutes making every tracks sound like its own ballad.


Claudio Sanchez

After playing the album out, Coheed and Cambria treated the crowd to 3 encores. They finished up the night with some older songs, as well as, new songs from The Afterman: Ascension & Descension albums. The finale came as Claudio busted out the double neck Gibson and destroyed the crowd with “Welcome Home”. In my opinion was the most vicious songs to come from their finger tips.


Coheed & Cambria

The crowd gave everything they had to “Welcome Home”. It was a perfect ending and complimented In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 perfectly, both songs have a back up chant which ends each track. The show ended the same way it opened, with the crowd joining the band like an army telling the end of the story.