Cold War Kids‘ fifth studio album, Hold My Home starts very much like their previous release–with a quick-paced, piano-heavy tune that doubles as the album’s single. In this case, the song is “All This Could Be Yours. This works out for the band, however, their strength has always been in their unique vocals and subtly brilliant instrumental arrangements.

The energy of the first song can also be found later in the album in the title track “Hold My Home,” a bassy, somewhat chaotic track with a lot of energy backing it up.

Cold War Kids are the kind of band that seems somewhat benign upon a first listening, but the more you listen, the more you hear within and connect with the songs. The band can create a fast-paced tune that gets your heart pumping while being able to just as effectively create a quieter, introspective song that tugs at your heartstrings. They switch the mood a bit with tracks like, “First,” “Hot Coals” and “Drive Desperate both more introspective and somber, while still remaining relatively upbeat and energetic.


Track 6, Go Quietly,” is a neat track featuring very percussive electric guitar followed by layered synths and falsetto vocals and is perhaps one of my personal favorites on the album.

The 5th track on the album,Hotel Anywhere,” is an interesting track that has a lot of ’80s synth flavor to it. “Nights and Weekends” is another synth-drenched track and is one of the slower, more ethereal songs on the album along with “Flower Drum Song,” which is more guitar-driven.

Hold My Home ends on a pair of much slower, dramatic songs. “Harold Bloom is particularly simple and quiet throughout, focusing on the vocals while “Hear My Baby Call” is somewhat more band-centric, swelling in the chorus and eventually dying down to end the album.

Hold My Home is a great effort from Cold War Kids, I feel, and given my relationship with this band, I only picture myself liking it more as time goes on. I would relate it most to the band’s third studio album, Mine is Yours, being somewhat more poppy than some of their other efforts, but still very much Cold War Kids. Definitely give it a few listens and enjoy!