Words by TSI Teresa McCullough, Photos by Catie Laffoon

Opening band – The Movement

An American band originally formed in Columbia, South Carolina, in 2004. The movement has a synth soul with a seductive voice. The next Luther Vandross / Drake combo. Great songs for grind action. Hard at times with a harder drop. Electric guitar soul with sexy and fun sounds.


LA born, 25 / 24 years old originally been known for touring with The Weeknd. Her fame started when her song “Before I Ever Met You” released on her SoundCloud in February 2013 and ended up on BBC radio 1. Her songs are obsessively strong, coming from the soul of a young woman experiencing love in a hook up culture.

Banks Philly-7712

Started out with her hit song “Before I Ever Met You” while interacting w the crowd slapping hands saying hello. She’s a girl very down to earth with a strong soul. “Philly I love u guys I love this city, whats that food market place? It was delicious and nutritious” I believe she was referring to Reading Terminal Market.

Banks Philly-7595 (1)

Banks – 9/27 at Union Transfer

She played hit after hit swinging her hips left to right with a ton of swag. “So i just came out with a new song called goddess this is the goddess tour.” Called out to the crowd “one more time”. She also sang a new song from her new album “fuck em only we know” while I overheated people say, “she so cool.” A surprising part of the night was when she sang a rendition of Lauren Hill’s Ooh la la la that was pretty ill. She segwayed into “Baby i’m thinking it over”…a storm came and she played her hit, “Love Is A Waiting Game. Her last song was a crowd favorite, Begging for Thread. Her dramatized lyrics and beats draw you in. You really feel the power behind what she is saying, She’s a girl that truly sings her feelings. Love is in fact, a waiting game.

Banks Philly-7463

Banks on Stage at Union Transfer – Philly

Banks Philly-7762

Crowd for Banks at Union Transfer 9/27 – photo by Catie Laffoon