There’s a stage, meet him there: Nick Mulvey plays World Cafe Live – 9/19.

Nick Mulvey promptly took the World Cafe Live Stage at 9pm to a crowd that quickly came in to surround the stage.  I was chatting with some people beforehand and the majority were there to see headliners Slow Club, and were not familiar with Nick.  I was anticipating the crowd’s reaction as they take in his music for the first time.  Like most World Cafe shows, the audience was a great mix of both old and young, which always seems to add something special to the atmosphere.

Nick’s been building a buzz in the last few weeks.  His first album First Mind was finally  released last week in the States on Harvest Records.  This album comes after two EPs that have been released over the course of the last two years.  To add to that release, First Mind was also nominated for a 2014 Barclaycard Mercury Prize, alongside other fantastic albums from the likes of Royal Blood, Bombay Bicycle Club, Jungle, etc.  In case you’re not familiar, past winners have included Alt-J, Arctic Monkeys, The XX, Franz Ferdinand, to name a few.  We will find out October 29th who wins!


Back to the show…Nick obviously focused on playing tunes off the new album, but he surprised us all with a special cover in the middle of the set.  He treated us to “Look at Miss Ohio,” by one of his favorite American songwriters, the one and only Gillian Welch. I think it was finally at this point he fully grabbed the crowd’s attention, if he somehow didn’t already.  This proved most wise, as the three remaining songs are some of the highlighted tracks off First Mind. Crowd favorite was “Fever To the Form.”  This was clear to see from all the heads bobbing along, and the awe of folks being taken in by the encompassing humming Mulvey adds to the song.

Nick Mulvey gave a flawless performance that I’d recommend any true music fan check out.  Even though you might roll your eyes at the idea of another male singer-songwriter, Mulvey gives a refreshing approach to his performance.  He’s an extremely skilled guitar player, smooth vocalist (his voice is as good as on the record, if not better live), intricate songwriter, and not bad to look at either.  Basically, Nick is the whole package you’d want from your ideal musician.

Keep an eye out for the next time he’s in town.  In the meantime, be sure to download First Mind. Then go sit by yourself with some headphones in and take it all in for awhile.




Meet Me There

The Trellis

Look at Miss Ohio (Gillian Welch cover)


Fever To the Form