The Tower Theater floor was open for general admission Sunday night for the bands enthusiastic fans, with the balcony and the back of the house available with seats. Exodus opened the show to a head banging, crowd surfing crowd. It was clear that the opening bands had a dedicated fan base that expected colossal performance and they did not fail to deliver. Their performance consisted of 6 memorable songs. Their guitarist Gary Holt donned a “Kill the Kardashians” t-shirt and would later reappear and rock the house with Slayer.

Suicidal Tendencies changed the vibe of the venue with an energetic punk and thrash performance. Lead singer Mike Muir bounced around the stage a lightning speed – blink and you’d miss him. He jumped from speaker to speaker throughout his performance. It was hard to avoid the feeling that he’s speaking directly to you, even if just for a second. Between songs Mike went to the side of the stage to jump and amp himself up as if he was about to enter a boxing ring.  The vibe may have changed a bit, but the crowd’s enthusiasm didn’t waiver. Mike spoke to the crowd about perseverance and change. His passion seemed to make each rapid song more meaningful.

Between sets, AC/DC blasted through the PA as a white sheet covered the stage and the crowd yelled “Slayer! Slayer! Slayer!” After what felt like an eternity of anticipation, the white sheet dropped and Slayer immediately began performing. Inverted crosses were suspended from the stage. Their performance was monstrous and their sound was enormous -the kind you can feel in your chest. Slayer isn’t the kind of band that needs a lot of flash or gimmick. This is straight metal through and through. The crowd’s enthusiasm reached a whole new level and the floor was absolutely packed. The energy was intense, specific, and palpable … something one can probably only experience at a Slayer concert. Whether you’re a diehard fan or a causal listener, seeing Slayer live is something that all rock and metal fans should experience at least once.



Exodus Set List:

Black 13

Blood In, Blood Out


Bonded by Blood

The Toxic Waltz

Strike of the Beast


Suicidal Tendencies Set List:

War Inside My Head


You Can’t Bring Me Down


Possessed to Skate

I Saw Your Mommy

Cyco Vision

Pledge Your Allegiance


Slayer Set List:

World Painted Blood


Hate Worldwide

Die by the Sword

Chemical Warfare

War Ensemble

Mandatory Suicide


Spill the Blood

Hell Awaits

At Dawn They Sleep

Altar of Sacrifice

Jesus Saves


Seasons in the Abyss


Dead Skin Mask

Raining Blood

Psychopathy Red

South of Heaven

Angel of Death