In my book, September 26th was noted as a night of powerhouse vocalists, luscious long locks of hair, and beautifully decorated microphone stands. In celebration of the release of their new EP, TumbledThe Lawsuits played for a sold out room full of friends, fans, and strangers. As expected, the strangers felt right at home as Joe Bisirri (guitar/piano) turned on lamps as if he was inviting us over for a personal concert. Bisirri’s comforting invitation, as well as the rest of the band’s entrance, was accompanied by a sub-bass drone that erupted into The Lawsuits’ new song, “Gimmie Gimmie.”

Undoubtedly, the crowd was still building on the foundation of adrenaline constructed by Tutlie’s vocal layering and driving percussion. Tutlie excited the audience with enough pop to get the crowd dancing, enough melodies to get people humming, and almost enough floor toms for everyone on stage. Jessie Radlow (vocals) and Rebecca Way (vocals) lead the band of six through a back mountain trail exhibiting influences of Beach Boys, Of Monsters of Men, and Dirty Projectors.

DRGN King | Photo By Timothy O'Donnell

DRGN King | Photo By Timothy O’Donnell


Dominic Angelella (Lead vocals/guitar) continued the head-bobbing. The night turned edgy with some misty mountain echo and appropriate, noisy synth solos that left mic stands swaying and Angelella’s guitar airborne. With hints of early Bombay Bicycle Club, DRGN KING finished their set with “Undertow,” which allowed some audience members to graduate from head bobbing to jumping.

The Lawsuits | Photo By Timothy O'Donnell

The Lawsuits | Photo By Timothy O’Donnell

As DRGN KING exits and the sub-bass drone begins, The Lawsuits invite us to the stage. Clearly, the audience was ready to party with the band after the release of Tumbled. Hips began to sway, and dancing styles changed with every song as The Lawsuits drew more mileage out of previous albums. The band blazed a footpath of Blues, Motown, Rock, and the new releases that allowed the crowd to follow close behind. Ending with a crowd favorite, “Ebony Rose,” from their album, Numbers, The Lawsuits left the crowd begging for more. The band came back out into their pseudo-living room to deliver two more satisfying songs.  Instead of packing up and retiring to their real living rooms, they moved to the merch table and were greeted by a pack of fans. We all left happy.