WHO: Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carraba – Solo Acoustic
WHERE: Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA
WHEN: Dec 2nd 2011

By the time I squeezed into Chameleon Club on Friday night, Lancaster county native Madi Diaz was just finishing up her set. The club was packed as tight as a can of sardines, which made me think that if they keep having shows this well attended an addition might be required. The under appreciated Diaz who works out of Nashville is on tour in anticipation of the release of her new record Plastic Moon which hits the shelves January 12th. She is an excellent singer and performer.

The second course on this menu of acoustic rock was New Jersey’s “Front Bottoms.” To say they are acoustic is a bit misleading. I mean it’s not like they are Simon and Garfunkel or anything. True lead vocalist Brian Sella does play an acoustic guitar but that’s as close to mellow as they get.

Their set was pumped up from start to finish with drummer ‘Madman” Matthew Uychich flailing away like a crazed toddler trying to gleefully destroy something.They were ably assisted by Drew on bass and keys. They record for Hoboken’s Bar None record label and made believers out of anyone who is unfamiliar with their music.

With a minimal stage set, basically just a mic, Chris Carraba AKA Dashboard Confessional took the stage. My first experience with Dashboard came in about 2000 when my, then teenage daughters, played “Swiss Army Romance” nonstop around the house.

dashboard confessional, chameleon club, lancaster, pa

Dashboard Confessional has made a career out of writing songs that the “kids” understand and singing them in one of the most emotional tenors out there in Pop music. He was in fine voice on Friday night, that is, when he actually had to sing. The faithful new every word and, other than when he performed newer material, they joyfully sang their hearts out. It was a beautiful thing to behold, one that makes you remember the power of music.

Dashboard Confessional has a recent release of covers and the new album “Alter The Ending” is out now. A 10th anniversary edition of “Swiss Army Romance” is also out and a full band tour begins in the new year.

Chris Carraba, dashboard confessional, solo, live