A few weeks back I was listening to the “trassgrass sound” of The Rumpke Mountain BoysYou could not help but to notice one guy there bouncin’ and have a good time. At one point of the night they brought him up on stage to play the mandolin. Hey just tore it up. This was my introduction to David Mayfield.  I said to myself if his band is ever nearby I will go.

Taking the 45 minute drive from Cleveland to The Kent Stage in Kent, OH.  I was not sure what to expect, after all I only seen David do one song. David started playing bass in his family’s band One Way Rider at the age of 11. It was there on a 1956 tour bus that one belonged to Bill Monroe,Kitty Wells and Ernest Tubb  that he picked up his picking skills on the guitar and mandolin. Later Mayfield became the bass player in his younger sisters (Jessica Lea Mayfield) band. Not long afterwards with the urging of  Avett Brothers David made a record of his own with Scott and Seth adding their vocals.


Moving forward to today this will be the CD release party for David’s CD Good Man Down that just came out on Monday April first. It is hard to put a label on Mayfields music. A little bit of bluegrass, rock and gospel sound that would best be summed up as Americana. There is comedy added to the show rollin” around the stage while playing and keeping some light humor to his act.

Some of the songs played of the new CD were ” Trapped Under The Ice, Human Cannonball, Love Will Only Break Your Heart and From A Dream”. Also played ” “Monkey In A Cage”. David Mayfield Parade has a strong tour going on starting in the East and heading South. from there they will be going out as far as California to play at High Sierra Music Festival. Make sure you see him if he is near you.