The David Wax Museum play the Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival this Saturday, June 4th in Elmer, NJ. The Appel Farm Fest is part of our Tri State Live series. So TSI will be doing a video interview with The David Wax Museum onsite at the fest Saturday afternoon! But to get your taste buds going and to get you hype for Appel Farm fest this weekend, we had TSI’s own, Randy Bee quickly catch up with David Wax, who is the mastermind the band via phone to get his take on music & mexico.

David Wax Museum-Across The Border And On The Road sike

When it was confirmed that I would get to chat with David Wax, I was in Kennett  Square PA outside the Los Alondras Bakery where I just purchased one of those delicious sweet pastries Mexican bakeries are known for. And consequently, when I listen to The David Wax Museum’s breakout song “I Was Born With A Broken Heart”, I’ve  wondered about the mariachi horns that come in near the end. I was soon to discover that Mexico and it’s diverse ethnic and musical culture is something David Wax has made part of his life’s work. “I have spent many summers in Mexico researching folk music and songs in various regions of the country. Vera Cruz for example is where “La Bamba” comes from,” said David.

We spend some time chatting about his adopted homeland, it’s magic, mystery and current political problems. “Of course whatever the news reports is going to be bad, but there is always more to the story and the problems are not easy to fix.” I ask David about the possibilty of recording and touring in Mexico and he says it’s definitely something to think about in the future. But for now The David Wax Museum, featuring David’s musical partner Suze Slezak, are touring the country making the rounds of the Summer festival circuit and riding the wave of enthusiasm for their irresistable song “I Was Born With A Broken Heart”. The band will be joined on tour by Greg Glassman and Alex Speigleman.

Catch The David Wax Museum this Saturday, June 4th at the Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival in South Jersey. For more info on The David Wax Museum click here, and for more info on the festival visit,