A Live Show for a Deadmau5, by Amanda Jackson, Photos by Steven Philips

The amazing Deadmau5 stage scene. Photo by Steven Philips

An act outside of, but slowly moving towards the mainstream, Deadmau5 rages on the line between Club Kids and mainstream pop madness.  He put on his show at Festival Pier in Philadelphia last Friday night 9/23.  Walking into the show, the vibrations are almost overwhelming. In a sea of youth ages 15-25, seemingly mostly from Philly’s surrounding areas, his music moves the mass of bodies as good electro should. Toughing out the rain throughout the day, the thousands of fans completely enter into a Deadmau5 reality; a wild world of wonder and strong vibrations. He controls the crowd with each switch-up.  And the rain has stopped, and it’s turned into a beautiful night.
The children of the burbs are beckoned to the subwoofer, pounding vibrations through the body. Each generation has their musical escape, from the hippies to the clubers, rockers, punks, and hip-hoppers. Deadmau5 generously provides a release to everyday angst, an arsenal of track tuned for temporal takeover.  Special guest Sofi added some special vocal styling for a few songs as well.