The anticipation was palpable.  The crowd slowly grew as the sun got hotter.  It was dusty, hot and dry.  But there was no doubt that the music was going to be great.  Three huge stages, 13 bands plus Dave in 10 hours of nothing but the best.

I started out with David Ryan Harris whose solo set was the perfect beginning.   Next I hit TR3.  Whew, quite the opposite from the quieter Mr. Harris.  Tim Reynolds was on fire and his power trio held the crowd.  The breezes blew hot and the music did, too.

Then it was off to G-Love.  I’ve never seen him live and I was glad I did.  He was on the Boardwalk Stage which was the biggest of the three.  His group was only a trio but it you would have never known with the full sound they created.

Next it was back to the Pacific Stage for Mariachi el Bronx, a band not from the Bronx but from LA.  They were a great band with tons of energy.  Great mariachi sound with great guitar work, a high range trumpet and a fast fiddler.

The Head and The Heart was next and their unique style combined with their high energy was fantastic.

As the afternoon wore on, the field got hotter, dustier and the crowd grew larger and dirtier.   They came for DMB and at about 8:15pm the show went on.  It was absolutely terrific.  Dave was well prepared and his group was tight and played the perfect blend of old and new stuff.  The stage was futuristic with a circular structure  high overhead that held the spot lights that shined like the lights from a star ship.   It was pure DMB.  It was amazing.

I was 1 of 2 photographers at the festival that day. CLICK HERE for more coverage of Day 1 from Keanan Barbour-March.