For the second year in a row, promoter and indie music lover Jerry Ryan has done it again.  Ryan collected 80+ indie acts from across the region and beyond and  dropped them like a bomb on downtown Atlantic City, NJ.  The Boneyard, 20 S. Virginia Ave., and Le Grand Fromage, 25 Gordon’s Alley, was the place to be from friday Aug. 5th to Sunday Aug. 7th for the second year of the Elephant Talk Music Fest.



With so may bands hitting the 3 stages over the weekend, I could still be writing this story until next years festival. Honestly, who really wants to listen to me ramble on that long.  However, TSI was introduced to a few bands that we had yet to hear before at this festival that are defiantly worth touching on.

Mid-day Saturday we had our second scrumdiddlyumptious taste of Sarah Aument after having our first spoonful on friday evening.  Based out of Syracuse, Sarah and her band are a refreshing indie/pop band that make us happy to see that the younger generation of this scene is pumping out some amazing talent. Already having tracks featured on the silver screen and sharing the stage with some of our fav’s Dawes and others, Aument deserves every opportunity that comes her way.  Her unbelievable vocals and guitar riffs, mixed with the tight backing of her band is “on point” across the board. We had a chance to catch up with Sarah Aument and company before their set on Saturday for a video interview on the streets of AC… so keep your eyes peeled for that over the next few weeks!

Sarah Aument


Hitting the stage at Le Grand Fromage at the peek of Saturday Night was an interesting Indie/Experimental band calling themselves Bellflur.  This Dio of Carlos Gonzalez-Fernandez and Tom Longobardi (an abbreviated version of the full band) have a clustered mess of keys, guitars, samplers, pedals, electric bass, various percussion instruments and both warm up their vocalizers to crank some vocals. Yet somehow both members of the band know exactly where to reach to bring some incredible new sounds to your ears!



On Saturday and Sunday we caught another band who’s sound made me txt the rest of our team and say you MUST come up to Le Grand Fromage to check them out!  This group from Poolesville, MD known as The Galt Line is comprised of 2 members; Blythe Crawford and Willie Gammell. Blythe tore up her uke, pumped out some screamin’ vocals and laid down some thumping drum like beats by tromping down on a wooden board with a ton of bottle caps hanging from straps on her legs. Like that wasn’t enough, Willie was rippin’ up and down the neck of his guitar to leave every jaw dropped in the room during his riffs and solos. This bands sound has been coined as Screamin’ Swing & Americana, which definitely describes there style, but after playing one of their records on the drive home, I’d personally describe it as Speakeasy Blues.  When listening to there gritty recordings it almost made me turn right back around and head directly to the AC Boardwalk to imagine myself as a new character in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire taking shots of trashy whiskey in a back room speakeasy in the 20’s!  This duo is a TSI recommended MUST see!  Also keep your eyes peeled for a video interview in the next couple weeks!

The Galt Line


A couple more great bands to mention before we go; The Rhodes and The Atomic Square. This is the second year that we have run into The Rhodes at this festival and we can’t wait till we get a chance to “kick it” with them again. This all around american rock/pop band is instantly likable with their catchy rock tunes and the guys couldn’t be more fun to hang with.   The Atomic Square is talented 4 piece indie rock band that mixes the ambient sounds of explosions in the sky meets with the driving guitar and vocal style of Jimmy Eats World.  Definitely a band to catch the next time they come around!

The Rhodes

The Atomic Square


Once again, way to many bands to touch on, however I recommend checking out the line up from this past Elephant Talk Music Festival if you are looking for some new sounds from other amazing Indie bands!  Check out the image gallery below from Sat/Sun of the fest, and click here to check out the wrap-up of Fridays acts!