Nadis Warriors were busy Saturday of Catskill Chill, trying to catch Dweezil Zappa on the main stage before heading up to Club Chill for their 10:30pm set. In fact they were excited for a lot of the music on the bill, from Lettuce on Friday to Electon and Particle on Sunday. But they are used to being busy, having just headed from a slew of Southeastern shows, up to New England, then down to Richmond. Friday back on the road, heading up to the Catskill Chill as their Futurology tour continued. I spoke with Jared and will be loosely quoting him in this recap.

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Nadis Warriors is comprised of Matt Cain and Jared Ingebretson, two producers who have been friends since middle school, and have been playing and producing together since 2010. They both also play guitar, plus Matt plays Keys. Mike Zeoli, their drummer and percussionist has been with them for over a year. These guys are Deadheads, Phish phans, and have always listened to jam bands and other more traditional music, but what they do is modern EDM influenced by Shpongle, STS9, Tipper, Squarepusher, Phutureprimitive, Ott, and other psychedelic producers. Nadis plays music that can keep the crowd dancing, along with more contemplative/meditative tracks that sound like they came out of an Alex Grey painting (they’ve played at his COSM). Their compositions are designed to create a vibe that they hope will move people and leave them recharged with a transfer of energy, they way they have felt listening to their favorite bands, DJs, and producers. They leave room within their songs for improvisation, and reacting to the vibe of the crowd, and will change up a set list to reflect that vibe.

Nadis Warriors have played all over, getting launched quickly out of their native Austin, Texas area scene into festivals and supporting roles with Ott, Papadosio, Beats Antique, Shpongle, Bassnectar, Lotus, EOTO and other well known acts. Festivals they played have been more of the EDM variety, but they’ve also played large multi-genre fests like Electric Forest and Wakarusa. They’re excited for their first time joining the ChillFam and I think they’ll fit in quite well. Jared enjoyed the amazing family vibe of the Chill that led to the name ChillFam in the first place.

You can listen to (and even download) many Nadis Warrior tracks on Soundcloud :here: as well as on their website